Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Update

Well, I am getting better. There were a few days that I have had no progress... It has gotten a little depressing feeling like I am not going to get any better, but yesterday I have been able to be up a bit more, and today I feel even better. I am still staying in bed most of the day, but I have been able to sit through a meal. Yet there comes a point where the pain starts to shoot down my leg. I jump onto the inversion table, and that seems to make the pain go away instantly.

If I continue to make more progress, it is looking like in another week, I'll really be able to start with some physical therapy & swimming. Otherwise, I fear that I might need to look into some other solutions.

Thanks for your prayers.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Love This Stuff

If you ever want a taste of the best Mexican Hot Chocolate. This is it. My boys agree.

Check out the cute little Hot Chocolate Mustache on each of 'em.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Update

So I think things are going VERY well. Please keep up with your prayers, there is still a ways to go.

Yesterday I only took ¼ pill of the Valium in the evening (no other pain meds) because I started to feel some of the muscles spasm at the end of the day. During the day… just the steroid. My pain levels have only been up to maybe #2 at the worst, but that is while sitting (I only DO that when I have 2). For the most part, the pain has not gotten past #1 level. Yesterday I was up and out of bed more. Mostly because I just want to get up and start some sort of ANYTHING. When I’ve gotten up, I will get in the inversion table before lying back down in bed.

When I start to feel the pressure build in my lower back, I get on the inversion table for a minute or two… sometimes more (if I start reading a book, I’ve accidentally stayed inverted about 20 minutes.) We also added a lumbar pillow to help my back get into the normal curved position.

I would like to get into a pool and start swimming as soon as possible, but I know I need to take baby steps, but for me… I seem to always jump in head first (usually after assessing how deep the water is).

I am still in bed or on the table 90% of the day, but I am very hopeful that I will be healed.

I don’t know what your take is, but I’m thinking there’s a little miracle happening here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moms are so GOOD


My mom has been here helping in any way she can. We would be in shambles without her.

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My little SUPERMAN

Elias has this special ability to be somewhat super-human. If you remember, the nickname "tope" almost stuck.

More than anything his desire to sing "Jesus" every time he goes down for a nap or to bed for the night brings me right back to reality. His sweet voice (but most of the time there is quite a bit of whine in it) saying "sing Jesus, sing Jesus" melts my heart! Jesus' love for us is not earned by any of our actions or ideas... It is totally just Him.

I am weak, he is strong.
YES! Jesus Loves me.

Thank you Elias!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hang Time

Jeremiah hanging to get some space for those blasted disks.

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Today's Back Update

Things have gotten better every day. I have not had any pain going down my legs for the last three days. The clinical/physical check the doctors did on me have been improving as well. At first they could only lift my leg to about 30 degrees after being at home and on ice regularly. Then when I was in the hospital (not on any ice at first) they could only lift my leg 20 degrees. The day I came home from the hospital after being on ice for three days and on a steroid to reduce inflammation, they can lift one of my legs 45 degrees and the other a little bit more. Still with no pain shooting down my legs. I have all the normal feeling and reactions in my legs and feet as they would expect.

I was able to walk the 14 steps to the toilet yesterday & today I took a shower as well, only feeling a little dizzy and unsure of myself (having been laying down on my back for over a week)… without pain getting past the #4 level (only while sitting down)! Yes I am still on pain meds, but in the hospital on more pain meds I had pain up to #7 while in bed. I have also been able to get into an inversion table yesterday and today. This allows for the physical space between the vertebrae to open up and allow for the disks to get back in place. This is a slow process and will take some time, but it sure seems like it is working very well.

Down here I feel the doctor is way too trigger happy to jump into surgery. His plan was to go in and scoop out all the nucleus of both disks! No way! At that point we decided that if it came to surgery we would absolutely come back to California. The very well respected surgeon who performed the surgery on me the first time after reviewing the current MRI’s recommended we wait. Our plan is still to give this one more week of natural therapy then reassess. If we need to come back up to California, Shelley’s uncle has offered to drive their motor home down the Baja and take me back up there. I’m sure that will be the best ride over the Baja that anyone could hope for.

Keep seeking the Lord on my behalf, and please don’t forget to pray even more for Shelley. Even though my mom is here helping way beyond the call of duty, it is still VERY hard for Shelley.

We are the worst bloggers

It has been far too long for us to have posted anything here. Please forgive us.

The following is the email that we sent out to most everyone... Please accept our apologies if you were not on the list. Keep us in your prayers. Not just for me, but even more for Shelley!


I (Jeremiah) was in the hospital since last Thurs. with two ruptured disks (the L4/5 and L3/4). I have been unable to walk since then and have been fighting extreme pain, we had MRI’s done on that Thurs. and had been waiting for the neurologist here in Cabo, he was out of town until Monday. The orthopedic surgeon and the neurologist here have recommended surgery, stating that they don’t think my body is going to heal on its own, though they can’t tell us that for sure.

At first we were thinking that surgery was going to be the best solution. We were feeling comfortable with having the procedure performed here and were more or less just waiting for the neurosurgeon to return. However, after much prayer and thought we’ve decided to take a more conservative course of action. We’ve been praying that the Lord would guide us in the decision making process and give us wisdom.

Before speaking with the neurosurgeon I had Shelley read to me out of the Bible - John ch. 5 where Jesus heals the man who has been an invalid for 38 years. Both of us are feeling the need to be more patient and desiring that the Lord would give us more faith in Him and His healing.

Another nugget of wisdom the Lord gave us, I believe, was a direct result of the neurosurgeon being out of town. This delay gave us enough time to have our Chiropractor and my neurosurgeon in San Luis Obispo (who performed the same surgery on me in 2005) look at the MRIs. They both have recommended that we give my body more time to heal before jumping into surgery.

All that being said, I am now home from the hospital. The plan, at least at this point is to wait 2 weeks and then reassess. I am on painkillers, muscle relaxants and now steroids & ice to try and bring down the inflammation. We are hoping that a combination of the medications, hanging upside down on an inversion table and more time will help the healing process. I am still unable to walk and in pain, we know that this is not going to be an easy road and are depending on God’s strength and grace to get us through.

My mom came down on Sunday to help us and will be with us for 2 weeks (or more if needed). Having her here is a tremendous blessing and has really taken a lot of the burden off of Shelley's shoulders. Thank you so very much for your continued prayer, love and support. We would not be making it though all of this without all of you and your prayers.

We continue to pray for wisdom, the Lord’s strength and for His Healing touch on me. If you know someone who would like to pray for us, please fill them in on the details and keep them posted.

Much Love, Jeremiah, Shelley, Owen and Elias