Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sick with a cold, but still happy to eat

Poor little guy has a fever and is fading between whimpering this miserable little cry to wrenching and screaming. (I have no idea where he gets this behavior from... I would never act like that if I were sick... yea right!) Then we dish out breakfast, and he makes a bee line to the chair. Once in, he is focused, happy, and well... I wonder... Elias is a little bit like me, isn't he.

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Excavators or "Ecuagers"

I know I am totaly biased when I think that my boys are the cutest kids in the world. But the excitement that Owen has when it comes to tractors, cement mixers, and trucks just makes me smile so big.

Like most kids as they are learning how to talk have their own language for a while. One of Owen's favorite things to see around Los Cabos are excavators, and tractors. He'll almost go into a panic to make sure you see it to. It might take a while for us to get him to say it correctly, but he sure likes excavators.

Check out his attempt: