Thursday, January 31, 2008

Priest, Bishop, Pope!

So we have been at the Nun's hospital for a few days now. They are all calling Elias the miracle baby and claiming that he will be a Priest, Bishop, and then Pope.

I'm not sure about all that, but I do know that God has had his hands at work. After the car drove over his little body, the only thing that has happened to him was a few scratches and a slightly fractured pelvic bone. Either he was protected from harm as it happened, or he was healed. That is the only thing I can figure. The God who created heaven and earth is also the master physician.

Elias really liked the sound of his laugh in the hallway, not to mention the full attention from everyone. He was really playing up the laugh. We're all home now, and snuggling in for the night. Thank you all again for your prayers.

I'm sure I'll be playing this video over and over again through the years!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Elias wanted his "Cow" book

So I send a few things for Shelley and E last night with a good friend. One of them was the Cat in the Hat book. Well, he thought it was Where is My Mother?, the one he really likes because it has a cow in it. Well, I brought the book today, and he was VERY happy to have it.

Again, I couldn't get the camera out fast enough, but when they got to the cow page, there were giggles and "Cow. Cowww! Moo. Cow." and many smiles.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prayers for Elias

We had an unfortunate occurrence this afternoon. A good friend of ours accidentally drove over our little guy Elias. At a VERY fast pace, Elias walked in front of his car as he moved forward. The tire went over his left femur and pelvis.

Elias has a small, very small, fracture in his pelvis. NO signs of internal bleeding. The biggest risk is that if there is a severe increase of muscle protein absorbed into the blood that could trigger kidney failure. The protocol as I understand it is to keep him on and IV drip to "Flush out" or dilute any proteins that could cause any damage.

So we are in the PRAY, watch and wait pattern for 2 days.

Monday, January 28, 2008

3 Blind Mice!

I have tried to share Owen's songs with family, but every time we call, most of the time he goes into this whispering singing style that no one can hear.

I finally caught him and did he ever perform.

Enjoy. I'm sure only Grandma, Pops & Gramie will enjoy this as much as us. So I won't be offended if not many people watch. =)


Here is Elias' smile on command. "Smile Elias." and then he busts this out:

Above, Elias is warming up the banana... to then jam as much of it in his mouth as he can:
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

something to think about

I've been reading a book this last week called "Dangerous Surrender", in the book the author, Kay Warren talks about how every interaction we have with other people is an opportunity to make an invisible God visible. We are His Hands and Feet. How different would our lives look if we could remember this on a continual basis? Not quite sure why but for some reason this just really struck me and challenges me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And they were complaining about the cold

Offshore wind, 70 degree air, and in a spring suit.

Here, Shelley demonstrates how to set up for a speed section at K91 on the Pacific Side of Cabo. I was hanging out with the boys at home, so I only heard the stories.

Looks fun doesn't it?

Monday, January 7, 2008

growing up...

I know it's so cliche to say how fast your kids grow up but man, Owen and Elias are changing so fast, I can hardly keep up:

Elias demands to feed himself and asks for his own fork, water, more, bite...
granted they are only one word requests but it seems like his vocabulary is expanding every hour. Tonight he added "gecko" and "owl" and earlier it was "shorts on" This kid is only 15 months, I wonder what he's going to be asking for in another year. Owen didn't start talking until he was close to 2.

Today for the first time Elias climbed down the stairs from the trailer all by himself. He runs with agility and is intent on trying to escape the yard and either go out in the street or down behind our house that is being built. I can not take my eyes off him for fear he will take off.

He is an amazing sleeper, unlike Owen he goes down really easy... read him a book and sing him a song and he's good to go. Last night he slept from 6:30pm until 7:15am. After battling through the whole bedtime thing with Owen I must say it is a welcome reprieve and definitely gives credence to the saying that babies come with their own unique personalities. We really didn't do much different between Elias and Owen with respect to the whole bed time thing. Elias goes to sleep on his own and Owen, well I can remember trying to let him "cry it out" one time for over an hour. He still has a longer bed time routine than Elias.

Owen is a fantastic big brother... he is amazingly patient with Elias wanting to play with almost everything that he has. He gives him loves, hugs and kisses and seems genuinely concerned with Elias's whereabouts. Sure he has his moments but don't we all. Owen's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds also, he even has a few spanish words in the mix.

Lately he has been really into letters and numbers and pretending that he is reading. He also spent a lot of time with my mom while she was here over the Christmas holiday. Well, the other day when my mom was with him he said that he couldn't read something because "he needed his glasses". Wonder where he learned that? My mom just happens to wear magnifiers to read with. He's also picked up an exasperated sigh that he uses in all too appropriate moments. Crazy how our kids can be mirrors we don't want to look into. I never even realized I made this obnoxious noise until Jeremiah pointed it out to me.

I am amazed by how much he picks up on, their little minds are truly like sponges. Scary and at the same time hopeful. I feel a sense of urgency to try and fill Owen's sponge with as much truth and wisdom as possible.

I almost forgot to mention... I think we might be finally on the road to potty training Owen. Until now he's had virtually no interest in the toilet whatsoever. At the suggestion of my mom we decided to offer m&m's after every successful use of the toilet. Owen LOVES chocolate. It worked for the first couple of pee's and then there were about 5 days where he very clearly decided he didn't want to use the toilet, even if it meant forfeiting the m&m's. We're back on the toilet today and he's happy about the m&m thing... I'm truly hoping we're on our way to ditching diapers.