Monday, May 12, 2008

Been a while...

I've been absent from the blogging world for a while, thankfully Jeremiah's been picking up the slack for me. Anyhow... a lot's been happening in the Blackwell household. For starters we've moved, no not back to California but into part of our house. Even though it's only a small part of the house that's actually finished its a whole lot nicer than trailer life, Owen turned 3, we sold our trailer yippee!, Elias now outweighs Owen, Owen and Elias are starting to speak Spanish and we are now back into surf season here. (which means if you want to come for a visit you better come soon before it gets too stinkin' hot here!)

Here's one of my favorite shots from The Big "O's" 3rd birthday. Mexican Law mandates birthday parties must include pinatas, needless to say we've had to give in a little on the no sugar thing. After all, we couldn't have the authorities after us...the look on his face seems to say "I can taste the sugar already".

about the moving thing... Everyone's told us that carpenters are almost always the delay in the construction process here, our story is no exception. After weeks of hearing manana, manana, manana one Sunday afternoon our carpenter pulls up, kitchen cabinets in tow.

The good news was our kitchen cabinets arrived, though the windows and doors we're still a work in progress. As of now we have half of the doors and windows for the downstairs installed. We're still waiting on the rest. Apparently it's a pretty common thing to move into your house here and still be waiting for the doors and windows.

A few fun shots of living in an "unfinished" house...

our bedroom before paint and tile

owen's bedroom at night, living room and dining room by day

owen's bedroom by day and the one that will really be his and Elias' room once we have a window for it.

You may be wondering what's hanging from the ceiling in the upper two shots...yeah you guessed it, the mosquitoes are back in full effect. Most nights it's okay though occasionally we'll wake up to find a handful of little skeeters buzzing around and I go on a killing spree squashing them between the mosquito net and my had... our once pretty white chiffon netting is now stained with the bloody remnants of nightly mosquito hunting.

What's a post without a couple of photos of the boys... Yeah I know Holly can pull it off but I don't seem to have the same mastery of words that she does.

Checking out the Hippos at the San Diego Zoo

Owen in the pilots seat

a quick but yummy breakfast with the Millers and Fosters

sorry but I couldn't resist such cute little buns

Missing you all terribly and sending you our love,
The Blackwell's