Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Boys

Life is fairly simple for us boys. When I get my hands on the little video clips that are on Shelley's computer... I'll post the essence of fun that Owen experiences here in Cabo. For now, let's just say that every toy Owen has (whither it was meant to be or not) is for DIRT.

"Hey Owen, what's that for?"
"What is that?"
[who cares what he picked up]
"What's if for?"

It's a good thing we have a lot of dirt. Elias on the other hand is all about food. "bite" "eat" "yogurt" "bana" The moment any food comes into site... he makes a bee line to it. Owen has to guard his plate. I'll serve up Elias a little bit more food... he'll eat it, and then move onto the plate that is closest. Elias and I are thinking about a self control class to help us manage our ability to eat everything in site.

Where Owen and Elias are really bonding is... well... dirt. Owen loves to play in it, and Elias doesn't mind eating it, having it pored over his head or whatever his big brother wants to do with it.

Boys are so simple.
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