Monday, January 17, 2011

a little longer than anticipated

Not quite sure where to begin but perhaps a little recap would be good. We've been back on the Central Coast now for almost 2 years.... it's great to be back, oddly in many ways it almost seems like we never left.

We're living in SLO for the first time since before we had Owen and are actually quite happy being centrally located, though our hearts ache for walks by the back bay in Los Osos and for quick surf sessions out in Montana de Oro.

Owen started kindergarten in August at Pacheco, a dual immersion school, and is so far loving it. He'll be 6 in March and is, shall we say, a very "spirited" child, very different from the people pleasing personality of Elias our middle son who is four. The two of them fight over almost everything and turn nearly everything into some kind of a competition, nevertheless there is a fierce love and protectiveness that they show toward one another, especially Owen toward Elias. I love this about them, the love and protectiveness part, and remind them often that they are going to be brothers and buddies for their whole lives and that they are going to have to take care of one another. Elias is in pre-school 2 days a week and loves anything related to the Cars movie. This infatuation started before he turned 2 and has not let up in the least, I keep waiting for the next phase but so far Lightning, Mater and Doc Hudson take the cake.

Miles will be two in March. He is our only brown eyed boy, which we think is fitting since he's our little Mexican. He is full of smiles and like any third boy of three.... running full throttle to keep up with his big brothers. He's talking up a storm and has been for quite some time. I always joke about how Owen and Elias are always battling for air time in the car and it seems Miles is now a player in that game. He amazes me with his vocabulary and ability to articulate his needs/wants in full on sentences.

Jeremiah has very recently been hired by a company called Diversified Capital Advisers and they will be training him as a financial adviser. This is a HUGE answer to prayer and I am sooo thankful for the Lord's amazing provision.

I'm working about 10 - 15 hours a week writing research papers with the biological oceanography lab at Cal Poly where I used to work and Jeremiah's mom and dad are a HUGE help with our boys, watching them when I'm working and frequently in the evenings so that Jeremiah and I can go on dates.

In many ways the last three years have been very difficult ones on a variety of levels... I'll try and delve into that more in subsequent blogs. But with every challenge I'm continually reminded that we're not here for a life of ease... and that it really is in the times of greatest need that we are able to find the greatest joy in the Lord.

I'm not sure who out there is reading this but am so thankful for the amazing love and incredible support we've been shown by all of our family and friends. Thank You!


Robertson Family said...

thanks for the update Shelley! Hopefully if we ever get to SLO we can catch up for real! We have a BIG Cars fan too...although Holden is also interested in Buzz Lightyear:-)

nicole aka gidget said...

So glad to read an update! Hope to visit SLO one of these days, it's been too long.

Ryan and Camille said...

I love the updates too, Shelley! Miss you.

A.M.H. said...

Love you all!!