Saturday, March 7, 2009

Miles Weston Thomas Blackwell

Heading home... definitely a different experience here in Mexico, car seats are optional and there is virtually no paperwork. However, the overwhelming joy and love at bringing home a happy healthy beautiful boy knows no boundaries and must feel the same in any country. Here's one proud Papa!

When Miles is awake he is incredibly alert, it's a good thing too because he's got two big brothers to keep his eyes on.

Owen giving his new little brother some loving. He has been such a sweetheart throughout my entire pregnancy loving his little bro even before he was born.

More brotherly love... Eias is still getting used to whole idea of a little brother and how to be gentle. He's gotten really good at holding his own with his BIG brother so this is requiring a bit of an adjustment.

Miles Weston Thomas Blackwell - March 5th 2009, 11:15 pm, 6lbs 10 oz. 19 inches. 
Absolutely Perfect.


nicole viola said...

Congratulations! So happy for you guys!

Soderin Family said...

Beautiful family! So excited to have you guys back on the Central Coast!

Robertson Family said...

How Awesome! Congrats to you!

Thomas Clan said...

how wonderful!! Miles is gorgeous and looks so loved! I'm glad everyone is healthy and happy. it's such a fun time. love you guys!! :) Congratulations!!!

mom/popfoote said...

We're do happy for you. He looks like Shelly I think. Hope to see you all soon,
much love

Linda Z said...

Many congrats!!! He's adorable! How does it feel to join the "3 boy" ranks of the Reys and Thomas'? :)

Jessica Connolly said...

Congratulations you guys!!

Jenny Schlenker said...

Congrats you two- he is beautiful!